Core Fusion 3 LW


Allround LW Performance.


CORE Fusion 3 LW (147 x 44 cm) Next-level awesomeness in the slightest wind.
Unbelievably agile and light on its feet. We like to think of the 147 as a hybrid with class leading lightwind handling and the freestyle capability of its smaller brothers. It’s perfect for beginners who need a confidence boost and heavier riders who enjoy unhooking in light winds. Its new Multi-Channels, Vario Rails and Deep-V keel will give you the control and response you’d expect from a much smaller board. The Fusion LW Medium. Lightweight greatness.

CORE Fusion 3 LW (152 x 46 cm) Next-level awesomeness in the lightest of winds.
The ultimate early planer and lightwind cruiser. Our biggest Fusion 3 sports a concave board outline (like a parabolic snowboard) and a performance window that reaches down to 7 knots. Concave or sidecut rails improve upwind tacks by forcing the board to naturally ride deeper thereby lengthening rail contact with the water. Wider tips promote early planing and keep you going through the lulls. The sidecut Fusion 3 LW feels smaller so it has the potential to handle more wind than you would normally expect. You can always depend on the double concave V-Keel to keep you under control if the wind picks up. Because CORE delivers next-level awesomeness in the lightest of winds.

Fins and grab handle are included. 

LW 147x44 | LW 152x46

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